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Most existing microphones can be converted for use with this system. The clip-on microphone is a proprietary design manufactured by us, featuring very low noise and exceptionally high frequency response. It can be used either with the watch in its case or with the movement in a holder. However, this is by necessity a fragile device which might not be ideal for a busy workshop. The following options are offered:

  • 1. Software with clip-on mic, $400

  • 2. Software and conversion of your existing watch clamp microphone, Greiner, Vibrograf, Tickoprint, Witschi etc,  without clip-on mic $500.  A "like for like" exchange can speed up the process if mutually agreed.

  • 3. Software and a converted watch stand ( or the "Collectors"  microphone ) without clip-on mic for $605.

  • Add a clip-on mic to options 2 or 3 at the time of purchase (or any time thereafter) for $120.

  • Prices do not include shipping, which will be calculated once we know your package preference and location. 

Pricing options: Text
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