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Microphones - Repair and exchange...

Unless you elect not to have one as a credit against the cost of a watch stand microphone, your eTimer purchase will include a clip-on microphone. The microphone will be warranted for one year against defects in manufacture or materials. Tampering, abuse, or attempts at disassembly will invalidate the warranty. By its very nature, the microphone is fragile and you will be expected to exercise reasonable care in its storage and use.

Outside of warranty, we will supply a replacement as follows:
 Exchange price - you return the broken one and we supply a replacement for $120.
 Outright purchase - we supply a new microphone for $275.

In the event a repair is possible at a cheaper price than the exchange, this will be offered as an alternative. Postage will be added according to the destination. If the microphone to be returned is not immediately to hand, you initially pay the full price. If the faulty microphone is received within thirty days, the balance will be refunded.

Please use recorded delivery when returning a microphone, and always contact us before sending.

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