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Gear Wheel Designer with G-code Generator


Please                  me if you are interested.  $130 sent via download link.

Among his portfolio, Graham also offers this software to generate the G-code required for the CNC machining of custom gearwheels.

Many profiles are available, and for each their unique variables can be adjusted. The displayed image of the wheel regenerates immediately when any parameter is changed.   


Gearwheel design G-code generator

Dead-beat escape wheel in 16 gauge brass, cut with a 1mm carbide end mill.

New feature - curved spokes

Simple curves or polynomial.  The possibilities are endless.


In addition to G-code, it also includes file generation for DXF, or even 3D amf and stl files !

This version include spokes for clock type wheels, clock escape wheels and ratchet wheels (Dead-Beat, Ratchet and Anchor styles). You can save and load individual wheel settings from the system menu. Zoom in and out of the preview with the mouse wheel and drag the picture around to suit your specific needs.

Toolbar includes:
Variable Sequence of Operations
Supplementary Holes
Single tooth inspection
and more!

Main page.jpg

Examples of other types are shown below.


DXF file example

dxf example.jpg

Classic Title

Gearwheel 8 inch.jpg

This example is an 8.6" 290 teeth wheel machined using our software on a Sherline CNC Mill.

A 0.036" cutter was used and the entire process took almost 6 days, but by machining in a single setup ensured the most accurate results. 

More of the set are shown below.


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