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"Steve, wanted to update you on my use of etimer. It has been invaluable and is able to produce far more insightful and accurate results than any of the dedicated Timegraphers I have.  It has saved the day and made repairs possible or speeded them on watches with high beat error and out of range for dedicated timegraphers as etimer consistently delivers accurate and badly needed information on difficult watches. When testing a manipulated or newly vibrated hairspring or other repair and moving it towards "good", etimer shines by allowing me to see incremental improvement while dedicated timegraphers provide a useless display of random dots with obviously incorrect parameters such as a low amplitude when your eye and etimer clearly tell the actual story. Wanted to thank you again for getting me on-board with it".       Eric G  (USA)

"Even though I am not a professional watch repairer I find it useful. An amazing amount of information can be extracted from the the graphical representations."  Rudi S  (Australia)

"I projected both the Witschi and the e-Timer and showed both in real time. An amusing moment when a badly adjusted vintage Certina did not lock at all with the Witschi, so I turned to the e-Timer to get instant visualisation of the beat! Very persuasive!"          Erik S (Norway)

"I was just timing a few Hamilton model 22 chronometers with your Etimer. I thought of you and wanted to let you know how much I like it and use it.  I also love using your Hamilton movement holder".  Kit S (USA)

"I got everything working last night and timed my first watch.  It works great and is loads of fun.  Light years beyond my creaky old Vibrograf"  Terry B  (USA)

"Clearly, this is a much better system than the ’Timegraphers’ I’ve played with before".  Tim Psaledakis (New Hampshire USA) Full name released at users request.

"The Gear Wheel Designer is extraordinary. Extremely friendly and efficient. It saves a lot of time by generating the file in G code. I think it's the best solution I've seen on this matter. And the value for money is unbeatable"  Roberto L (Argentina)

"This product is insanely cool"  Josh H  (Phoenix AZ)

"Having thoroughly evaluated it I found its functionality more than matched my needs, at a tiny fraction of the price of a Swiss Witschi, (not a Chinese Timegrapher with limited functionality!), while providing many of the same advanced features. I've found it excellent value for the price".  (Plucked from an NAWCC forum in the USA)

"Got it setup and tested a few watches of different kinds. This is amazing and I love it. The mic stand is so much better than the Chinese one I had"  Tim C.  (NJ USA)

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