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I've had a passion for mechanical timepieces for the majority of my adult life.  My father's hobby was building live model steam engines, so my workshop education started early.  I'm a mechanical engineer by trade and official education, but also spent the bulk of my career in field service of vacuum deposition equipment which enabled me to gain a fair grasp of electronics. I have developed intermediate level horological skills along the way. My late father in law was a Bulova School graduate working for LVMH (Tag Heuer/Zenith etc) and he encouraged my interest.


I have a modest "atelier" at my home, with turning and milling facilities. No Rose Engine's, but more than enough to satisfy the requirements of this venture.


I became involved with eTimer in 2015 when a friend and former colleague in the UK asked me to help boost US sales which had never gained the traction this product deserved. Since 2016 I have been the primary manufacturer of our clip on microphone.

My Story: About You
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