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Usual Inventory

With very rare exceptions, our stands have all seen a prior life on a Watchmakers bench.  They are all cleaned, refurbished internally and have a new cable, but often show some cosmetic signs of use.  Pricing below is approximate and may vary depending on our cost.

Clip Microphones

These are manufactured in house  and always available.  When the stock level reaches 10, I make 10 more !

"Collectors" Microphone

I try to keep one on the shelf but it is proving difficult.  Please contact me for availability.  $200 plus shipping if purchased separately.

Converted Stands

This example is a Portescap MP86, which is most commonly available on the used market.


Functional for mechanical escapements and Tuning Fork.  They are generally priced around $250 (plus shipping), but this depends on our cost which obviously varies.  


Please contact me for pictures and details of our current offerings and their prices. 


Older classic entry level stands


Early example from West Germany.  For mechanical movements only.  These vintages generally sell around $150 plus shipping if purchased separately.

Temperature, Barometric Pressure and Humidity Sensor.

$80.  Includes an appropriate 3ft USB cable.

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