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This system uses a very sensitive high frequency response microphone to dissect the sounds of an escapement.  96000 samples are taken each second ! 

Based on the waveform, the Rate, Beat Error and Amplitude can be calculated.  Seeing the sound in real time also lets the watchmaker know if there are any events that should not be happening, such as a hairspring sticking or touching part of the movement.  You can listen with an earpiece to the real sound, where other cheaper devices just simulate it.  Imagine that !!  

It can analyze the classic lever escapement, Coaxial's and (with the appropriate stand) the Accutron Tuning fork.

The real time waveform gives you the "Scope Mode" which is only available on Swiss units costing several thousand dollars.

The results can even be displayed on a faux paper tape for horologists who might be nostalgic for their old machines.  Our roll lasts forever though.


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